Time for a Renewal!
We all are in need of renewal. Whether it is a refreshing day at the spa, a vacation or with our home. There is just something about making small changes in our lives that brings us new energy! If you are looking to make a facelift on your home or just some simple changes through color, give me a call! I can take the ordinary and turn it into extraordinary! My expertise will give your home (and you) the energy and renewal that you are looking for.

Looking for a Change?
Alternative Design...commonly referred as interior redesign, is an option that I offer to homeowners who simply cannot afford an interior designer. As a redesign specialist, I will take your current furnishings, accessories, art etc..and give you a designer's look, for LESS. Have you often seen rooms in a magazine and wanted your home to reflect a similar look? Give me a call today and with my expertise I will give your home a look you thought you could never afford!

Home Staging
Are you looking to sell your home in this unstable market? Do you want to get the edge on the competition? Give me a call today! Staging is the process of getting your property ready to market. My philosophy is if a property shows well, is priced well than there is no reason it shouldn't SELL! Even in this economy!! Buyers are ready and with so many properties in inventory due to short sales or foreclosures, you need your home to STAND OUT!! Call me today!!

Color Your World!
Color is more than a combination of red and blue or yellow and black. It is non-verbal communication. Colors have symbolism and meanings that go beyond ink. As you think about color for your home, it is helpful to keep in mind how the eye and the mind perceive certain colors. Sometimes colors create a physical reaction (red has been shown to raise blood pressure) and at other times it is a cultural reaction (in the U.S. white is for weddings, in some Eastern cultures, white is the color for mourning and funerals). Colors follow trends as well. Avocado, a shade of green, is synomous with the 60s and 70s. In addition to understanding color meanings, it helps with mixing and matching colors to know the relationship of adjacent, complementary, and clashing colors. For example, adjacent or harmonizing colors appear next to each other on the color wheel. Harmonizing colors often work well together but if too close in value they can appear washed out or not have enough contrast.Complementary colors are separated by another color on the color wheel. Complementary colors used side by side can cause visual vibration making them a less than desirable combination. However, separate them with other colors and they can work together.
Clashing or contrasting colors are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Despite the name, colors that clash are not always a bad combination if used carefully. They provide great contrast and high visibility.


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